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We help you get the most out of paid internet marketing, so you don't even need to lift a finger.

Responsive Websites

Responsive web design ensures your website is compatible with computers, tablets, mobile phones and more.

Online Parts Store

Find out how you can increase sales by adding an online parts store to your growing business.

Custom Development

You think it, we can make it. We offer specialized programming to suit your businesses individual needs.


  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Online Parts Store
  • Specialized Programming
  • Learning Management Systems
  • FileOrg


SEM is an important strategy that helps your customers locate you easily.

Increase Traffic

Properly managed, Pay-Per-Click marketing will drive more traffic to your website through top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN (Bing), etc. You will attract users to visit your website who have just searched for products or services that you offer.

Direct Customers

Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. are designed to match a customer's search with the most relevant results. DivvyThat's marketing specialists will determine the keywords/phrases that best describe every aspect of your business. We will customize your ad campaign to ensure that customers interested in products and services that you offer will be directed to your website.

Reduce Costs

Unlike a third party lead provider who distributes the same leads to many of your competitors, DivvyThat will generate quality leads exclusively for your dealership from within your website. The leads you receive from our marketing efforts will provide you with substantially higher closing rates (up to 25%), compared to third party lead provider's industry average of 3%-6%.

SEM Experts

Our SEM experts will create ads that coordinate with your current marketing strategy. We will also research, update, and bid on relevant keyword/phrases as often as needed to ensure your advertising budget produces above average results.

Increase Leads

DivvyThat specializes in automotive pay-per-click and will work closely with your staff to discover keywords/phrases that target customers who are in the “buying phase”, “shopping phase”, and “research phase”. This strategy can produce immediate results as well as increase your lead pipeline for future business.

Territorial Exclusivity

DivvyThat offers exclusivity to your dealership in your territory. When you become a client of DivvyThat, your competition becomes our competition. We will analyze your web presence against your competitors and identify opportunities to increase traffic and leads to your dealership.


Reinforcing your ad message across all mediums will increase your lead conversions and closing ratio.

Responsive Websites / HTML5

HTML5 works on all platforms using the latest technology giving your users the best experience.

Unify Media, Improve Results

With DealerPPC's DynamicAd Banners, your dealership can easily create a promotion, special, or current event that is aligned with other advertising sources. We provide you the ability to change your message as frequently as you update your traditional , Air advertisements. Reinforcing your ad message across all mediums will increase your lead conversions and closing ratio.

Full Service

We offer full service banner creation and site administration. We will communicate with you to ensure your sited presenting your unique present day message. For Static or Animated Banner, we can usually have it on your site within 24 hours.

Dynamic Website Features

Our goal is to provide your customers convenient features that will expedite their buying process. Some features include: Red-flag compliant online credit application, dynamic phone number display, new car inventory with 36 hi-resolution photos, 360 degree exterior and interior virtual tours, search engine optimization, and much more.

Custom Web Design

Unique and custom, an expert will incorporate your dealership's own unique image and brand by implementing our high-end graphics, voice, video, animation, and 3D images into the strongest web presence in your market. We will help you to build value in all your dealership's profit centers.

Search Engine Optimization

Our experts will create a website that is fully optimized for search engines. Search Engine Optimization is different than Search Engine Marketing, but is equally as important. Because the major search engines use many different analytics to determine where your advertisements stand, your dealership's best bet of being in the number one position is by having a website that search engines find preferable.

Secure Online Credit Application

Our online credit application system works seamlessly with your newly developed website to provide a red flag compliant credit application system. In addition, they will have integration into the Dealer Track Lending Solutions Software. Even better, these credit applications are mobile friendly and have the rare ability to submit the vehicle information with the application. Saving you time and making your customers experience much more enjoyable.


Start your very own online parts store.


Want to be part of something big? Start your very own online parts store.

Unique Online Parts Process

DealerPPC has a unique process that helps dealerships to create an online parts store without hiring additional staff. Our proprietary application is easy to use and will help your staff to get in to the world of online parts sales.

Participate Today

DealerPPC is accepting various dealerships to participate in our online parts store. That mean's that your dealership becomes a supplier of parts that are in high demand. There are no local geographic limitations, as we sell parts nationally.

Visit Our Parts Store

Visit our online parts store at www.partsvp.com


Keep your employees in the loop with our Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS)

Professional, manageable, mobile training for you and your company.

Training for Every Employee

We believe that training is the essential ingredient to developing a long term employee, who is a productive, confident, professional, prepared to take action and deliver exceptional customer service. To ensure our employees are successful in addition to in-house training we have created an online Learning Management System that offers a wide range of training for all of the departments and positions.

Simplistic Dashboard

Our Learning Management system is simple to use, with an easy dashboard that gives you all the general information you need at a glance. Recent activity, most popular courses, courses completed today and how how many students you have enrolled.

Easily Set-Up Courses

Course set-up allows you to upload your current training material such as videos, files and power points with a click of a button. You can even set up quizzes to accompany your training to ensure your employees are really understanding your content.

Easy Reporting

Access to multiple reports allow training staff or managers to track individual or group progress, as well as the ability to customize reports as needed. This way, you’ll always know which employees are behind on training, ensuring that you will never have to worry about employee negligence or bottlenecks again.

Access Anytime, Any Location

This system will allow new employees to be trained properly, and at their own pace whenever they have the time. The LMS system can also be accessed from home, so that it does not have to take away from time during the workday. This way you ensure that all of your employees have the necessary tools and information to be successful in one easy to access location. The system eliminates the need to ever wait for another employee to train, or to worry that they will not be trained properly.


Our file management software can easily handle the filing, sorting, and organizing.


File organization has never been easier or more efficient.

Automated Scanning

Free up time, space, and money by automating your document scanning process with our FileOrg technology. Reduce your labor costs while increasing efficiency and organization by leveraging our file scanning software.

Batch Processing

With some simple setting up, FileOrg can scan and separate larges batches of files. It knows where one document starts and another begins, and can significantly increase employee productivity as a result.

Google Docs Integration

Without hesitation, FileOrg will retrieve data from all of your scanned items and file them in Google Docs accordingly. Need to find a document? No problem; FileOrg uses pre-determined naming and filing conventions for quick retrieval later on.


Don't let your tag and title department slow you down.


Organized, interactive, and real time Tag & Title Management software.

Real Time Status 24/7

Give your sales personnel the ability to access a customers tag status even when your accounting department is unavailable or closed. This allows employees the ability to follow up with customers right away so expectations may be set.

Work Together

Give your tag and title department the ability to easily notify the sales people and managers if there are any items that need to be completed in the process. Since everyone is aware of what needs to be completed, employees can cover for each other easily and keep the process moving.

Interactive Task Lists

Organization is the key to completing work promptly and accurately. The interactive personnel task list helps manage and prioritize tag work. Items are assigned to different personnel, so there is no confusion as to who is responsible for completing a task.

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